Men's Shoes Grisport Men's Hiking Boots Trekking Hiking Shoes MARRONE Dakar JDJTDDVKP

Grisport Men's Hiking Boots Trekking Hiking Shoes MARRONE Dakar JDJTDDVKP

Gritex high function membraneReal LeatherUse the Cordura fibreNon-slip Vibram solesFunctional quick-fastening system

Grisport Men's Trekking Shoe MARRONE Dakar trekking 10303D69G-Trendy, outdoor & Hiking Boots from the Explorer Series from Grisport-perfectly suited for touring variety of skill levels.-with a functional, water resistant breathable GriTex High function membrane, thanks to the micro-channels within the structure for keeping the GriTex High function effectively membrane your feet dry while also protecting it against rain and snow.-A meticulously hand crafted leather upper part and a extremely durable Cordura-Combination of natural properties of real leather with the technical features of the corduroy fibres guarantee resistance to moisture, mud and snow.-using the Cordura fibre-the fibre structure and the special method of Webens Cordura to provide maximum resistance to wear because of friction and abrasion. With the help of the Cordura fibre there are products, the exceptional durability Designed with a stylish appearance, softness and lightness.
: A profiled, non-slip Vibram sole; the most up-to-date and Haltbarste technology of the sole, which in the production of trekking and tactics Boots will have a Full marking such as this. The bag keeps your tablet where it belongs -- in your gear and ensures a good grip, comfort and maximum durability, even in Kniffligem terrain. A higher drawn rubber cap to protect from mechanical damage.-Antibacterial, functionally shaped textile put insole prevent unpleasant odours and foot fatigue.-comfortable, ergonomic shaft and strap padding provides support of your foot in every phase of movement.-A functional quick-fastening system thanks to end hooks.-Attractive lacing as well as the muted colours can make this outdoor boots, even in everyday life, look great.-Made in Italy
Size 42-27cm
Dimensions: 43-28cm
Dimensions 44-28.5cm
Size: 45-29cm
Size 46-29.8cm

Grisport Men's Hiking Boots Trekking Hiking Shoes MARRONE Dakar JDJTDDVKP

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